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Name:Finish my fic: Where Fics and WIPs go to get finis
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Community description:Authors post fics and WIPs they don't know what to do with. Other authors can chose to update them.
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Ever have a WIP (work in progress) or fic, just sitting there on your hard drive? One you haven't updated in ages? One you haven't touched it because you're either sick of it, your muse left, or you just don't know where to go with it? If so, this community might help. The idea is for authors to post their work while other authors reply if they would like to finish it. Once the work is done, when users post the work on the web, they'll credit the first authors work. You must have the author's permission to finish their work!

Posting Format
Story: (Behind lj cut please. All the info below can be under the cut as well.)
Where were you trying to go with it?:
What would you like to see done with it?:
What would you not like to see done with it?:
Notes when crediting: Is credit required? How would you like to be credited?:

1. Be respectful to one another. No bashing stories, pairings or anything else.
2. No limit to how may WiPs you can post.
3. Community Promos belong in the Affiliates post.

CrossPosting to both communities on LJ and DW is allowed and encouraged
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